Why «art toys»?

Toys gives children fun. But toys are for them also the first contact with culture. Toys tell children about the world where we live, the real one but also they tell about the imaginary world we have created through the centuries.

Art is the way that adults think about our world, the real and the imaginary one. Art is also the highest expression of the human spirit.

With our toys we want to connect the best of these two worlds. A playfully way to reflect the world we live. In this way we are also making toys for adults, and art for children.


Our toys are unique pieces  handmade with love and care and made with quality materials. Form, size and colors add sensations to the natural properties of wood. So our toys are warm but modern, they are lovely sculptures you can put on your desk or at home.

Some of our series are for adults. You can have one on your desk as decorative object, and it is nice to play with when you take a brake. They are an eye catcher, and could be a perfect gift for people who love art and design.

Thanks for your interest, and you are welcome to write us if you have any questions or suggestions.



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